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Jeanette Isaacs-Young


Are you ready to:

  • Realise your true potential in life and at work
  • Achieve a sustainable work life balance
  • Undergo a personal transformation

Life’s purpose is according to one’s underlying nature. What is that nature and how do we find it?

For each of us there is an area of occupation or a sphere of activity that is stimulating and fulfilling, but we are not always there. What can we do to create or find the work that truly nourishes us – body, mind and spirit – and also pays the bills?

Leaders in health professions and academia find in particular that they benefit from a trusted confidential coach who is totally on their team, with no vested interests or stake – apart from the survival, thriving and flourishing of that leader themselves. Someone who can shine a light on steps towards the balancing of life roles.

The “streams” of personal, professional, relationship, environmental and spiritual aspects of life can feed the flow and flourishing of our lives, giving us meaning, purpose, and a sense of fulfilment.

What is your next step?

How to nurture the seed of who you can be?

How to follow the inkling of where you would like to be?

  • Personal coaching *
  • Professional Mentor coaching
  • Telephone group coaching

* Australian Health fund rebates available

Enabling Positive Change: Coaching Conversations in Occupational Therapy

Editors: Wendy Pentland, Jeanette Isaacs-Young, Jen Gash and Amy Heinz.

Enabling Positive Change: Coaching Conversations in Occupational Therapy Editors: Wendy Pentland, Jeanette Isaacs-Young, Jen Gash and Amy Heinz

This is the first book to be published that focusses specifically on the use of the coaching approach and coaching conversations in occupational therapy.

Features include:

  • What is coaching and how can it be applied to occupational therapy
  • Case scenarios illustrating how coaching can be put into practice
  • Stories from occupational therapists worldwide about the uses and impacts of coaching
  • Program information on coaching education and certification
  • A call to action to enhance professional competencies through coaching, to help address serious world problems by enabling positive human change.

More information is available in this promotional flyer.

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Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

A Table Of Contents for the book, to possibly pique your interest, can be found here.

Occupational Therapy Coaches invited to international collaboration

You are welcome to join in video and tele-meetings which link Occupational Therapists who are also Coaches, from around the world.

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