A note from Jeanette

A note from Jeanette

I am passionate about inspiring people to discover their unique purpose in life. Being aligned with our soul’s desire unlocks our personal energy and enthusiasm and this ultimately serves others.

By dedicating time and attention to our physical, emotional and spiritual care and nourishment we become more able to respond, with compassion, to life’s daily challenges.
Individual “self-responsibility” becomes political action of consequence.

When we act in the most immediate and present place and time, to do the highest good, somehow life begins to flow.

In coaching, teaching, as an Occupational Therapist, and with people in my community roles, I have sometimes experienced the powerful ‘flow’ that comes when, with another person we began to collaborate in developing a positive, true and therefore powerful plan for action.

As a coach I am specifically engaged by my clients to assist them in discovering the points of passion and strength in their lives, and to explore how to create more opportunity for sustainable enthusiasm, playfulness, and balance in the various “occupations” of their lifestyles.

I understand that as more people are able to live life “on purpose” each day, and the better the choices they realise they can make, then the more love and happiness can be spread in our local lives. I believe this has global impact!

I am happy to discuss my approach to coaching with people who desire to restore and maintain compassion in their work and personal lives. Excellence can be effortless when we begin, (with the end in mind,) to clarify our personal goals, vision and purpose.