Working with a coach enables you to explore any area or role of your life. For example, coaches can help in areas of work, health, finance, family life, relationships, and spirit. Many of our clients are people experiencing or approaching major life transitions. Coaching conversations help sort out values, directions and goals with meaning – for you.

Lifestream Associates focus our work on the need we perceive for people of all walks of life, to become more self responsible and resilient. It is then possible to respond, with compassion and sustainable energy, to the evolution of 21st century consciousness in your communities.

We invite you to experience the ‘flow’ when, together; we begin to collaborate in developing a positive, true and therefore powerful plan for action.

We will support you in your personal journey – on your team, unconditionally! Together we establish action plans and develop meaningful goals to ‘pull you’ forward.

We ask clients to look at the steps required, and to do more than they would on their own.

You’ll discover how to focus your efforts to produce results, and we offer tools to assist, and a structure of support.

You’ll learn to create opportunities for ease, and to banish the word struggle from your vocabulary.

We’ll have fun and laugh in the process, and happiness and positive energy habits develop and strengthen.