Personal Balance

Personal Balance

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How to Have a Perfect Life

Know how you measure success—
Start living your life by design.

Abandon perfectionism—
Replace perfectionism with pride.

Accept, then perfect, what isn’t perfect—
Acceptance is the first step toward perfection.

Enjoy an absence of personal problems—
Life’s too short for problems of any kind—become a problem-free zone.

Automate the business of your life—
Don’t you have better things to do?

Upgrade your personal and professional network—
People bring you the best opportunities in life.

Seriously invest in a special skill set—
The more you can deliver, the more you can earn.

Have whims worth following—
Perfection occurs as you respond to what tugs at you.

Perfect your self-care—
A perfect life isn’t sustainable without advanced self-care.

Lighten your footprint—
Need less—be more.

Evolve your sources of energy—
Design advanced sources of motivation.

Raise your standards—reduce your expectations—
This raises you above the muck of life into the realm of the perfect.


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