Professional speaking and workshops

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1. Don’t Worry Be Happy- personal manifesto management

This workshop draws on neuro-psycho-immunology and the later work in quantum physics to consider what the habits are that can support each of us in our personal quest for more happiness and less worry in our daily life.

Starting with the personal and physical, (the body) and moving into the thoughts ideas and values we chose, (mind and spirit) this workshop supports participants to design individual actions and accountability for change- from the inside out.

Compassion for oneself, and extreme self care, are the foundation of sustainable energy – To sit in the driver’s seat of one’s own life, and live each day ‘on purpose’ can begin habits for lasting change.

2. Love and Happiness

Once we have established anew our relationship with ourselves, the next source of lasting change can be in relating to others, connecting in community, and networking for the resources we are seeking in life. Having a sense of wholeness, and of trusting ourselves, it becomes possible to take the next step towards a whole new way of relating.

This workshop extends upon the ideas and theoretical suppositions of the first, and builds action plans and simple strategies for more love in our lives. Gratitude and kindness in close relationships extend what we have begun to practice with ourselves into the next layer of our being.

Setting boundaries and raising our personal expectations can enrich the fabric of our interwoven connections with those with whom we chose to share our lives.

3. Happiness in the workplace/organisation

‘Emotional intelligence’ has been demonstrated to have greater impact on leadership effectiveness than many other variables, including ‘regular intelligence’. Whether you are a leader or a worker, the attitude you take into and out of the working environment has impact on your experience of ‘quality of life’.

Human Resources literature has identified reduction of sick leave and retention of staff as cost-effective goals to aim towards in strategic planning for organizations. When measures are taken to improve staff morale and ‘job satisfaction’, improvement in the overall quality of life of staff is also often described.

This workshop is for teams ready to take steps- personally and collectively- to improve the happiness quotient, and therefore various measures of ‘productivity’, of their workplace. By supporting each others’ identification of personal and then team values, and designing actions and strategies to implement changes, staff shares in the change of their local culture, with a sense of collective ‘ownership’ and participation.

Ongoing individual coaching is available to integrate the learning from the sessions into lasting change. Team review after six weeks is recommended for consolidation, and to focus the intention for shifts in practice.

4. Global Contribution

When we have sustainable habits for our personal energy; warm and nourishing close relationships; and a healthy, productive, and collaborative working environment; we may then become aware of the need for each of us to feel useful- to contribute to the world, – to ‘make a difference’.

This workshop encourages and supports participants to explore any dreams they may have, or have once had, and to play with ideas and possibilities to find the open door through which they might contribute to the world around them.

What are the baby steps that could begin to creatively express the vision they hold? How can the thinking and action be productive, with a dynamic balance of be-ing and do-ing? What might the future we dream of look like, and how can we take personal local actions with global impact?

5. Evolution of Consciousness

The spiritual journey, and the sense of our evolving progress towards LOVE, draws many of us along quite consciously at this time.

This workshop is an opportunity to consider the spiritually supportive elements of our Self, Family, Community, and Global contexts, and how these impact on, or can be influenced by, the expansion of our sense of freedom and joy, and a growing sense of ‘what it all means’.

Guided meditation, expressive techniques, and discussion of pre-reading materials are included. The workshop may lead into ongoing group action to support individual and collective transitions.

All the above workshops can be offered as two hour, half day, or full day workshops. It is possible and may be desirable to have a series run in sequence, over a day or two, or a number of weekly sessions. The needs of a particular group or organisation can be addressed in the preparation of a quote or proposal.