The Coaching Process

The Coaching Process

Discovery | Creating Awareness | Action

coaching-funnelThe Funnel Process

The process of coaching may begin with the general and narrow down to the specific concerns, ideas and thoughts of you, the client, in order to design a particular concept, idea and action.

As we work together on one stream of your life, others may bubble to the surface, and we can attend to those too, for maximum flow and momentum.

The coach uses:

  • Powerful questioning
  • Deep and generous listening
  • Acknowledgement
  • Messages and language that support shifts and illuminations, and silences that respect the client’s process and pace
  • Strategies that produce outcomes
  • Accountability for action – designed by the client
  • Choices that empower

Sustaining a change of habit can require support and encouragement. Clients may find that as the flow of energy develops in one “stream” of their life, the pace of change in other streams which bubble to the surface is also speeded up.

Three months, or 90 days, has been the “traditional” coaching commitment for sustainable change of significance to occur. At the end of this time a review is undertaken by both client and coach. Clients often choose to stay on, or plan regular “follow up” sessions.