Your Coach: Jeanette Isaacs-Young

Sunshine Coast Coach Jeanette Isaacs-Young

Your Coach: Jeanette Isaacs-Young

Your Coach: Jeanette Isaacs-Young

Jeanette’s passion lies in ‘shaking people awake’, helping people uncover their purpose, and to live life more consciously. Life’s purpose is according to ones underlying nature. What is that nature and how do we find it? For each of us there is an area of occupation that is stimulating and rewarding. But we are not always there. What liberation if and when we find the work that truly nourishes us, (and also pays the bills!).

When Jeanette’s enthusiasm and energy for life are applied to her work, happiness spreads. When she assists in the discovery, recovery or un-covering of true passion, sources of energy are unlocked. Freedom and choice used wisely are principles underpinning her practice. Curiosity, and a belief in lifelong learning, animates her interest in people. Networking and sharing resources are integral to her nature.

Jeanette has been coaching since 2005, with three decades of experience as an Occupational Therapist, and a reputation as an educator with heart, and a therapist who cares more than people expect. She has at her disposal, a unique combination of skills and insights to share. People appreciate the calming influence they experience in her company, and the self confidence she inspires.

Opportunities to collaborate with people during life transitions led Jeanette to explore different pathways for personal, spiritual, and cultural change. She now focuses her work on the need she perceives for people of all walks of life to become more self responsible and resilient. They can then respond, with compassion and sustainable energy, to the evolution of resilient 21st century communities.

Jeanette has worked in Mental Health services in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, taught Occupational Therapy at undergraduate and post graduate levels. Consultancy with government departments and non-government organisations, has featured team building, skills development, personal development, stress management, and burn-out prevention.

Jeanette’s post graduate qualifications and work in Movement and Dance Education (Dance Therapy) and Transpersonal Psychology contribute a richness to her work as a personal and professional coach.

Bachelor Applied Science(OT), OT Australia Member, Graduate Diploma Movement & Dance Education, Diploma Transpersonal Psychology.